Shout Out To The Artists

I could honestly say that without the artists donating their time at the "Anyone Can Be A Hero" event at Maryvale, the event would not have had the success it did. These incredibly talented and generous artists gave their time and skills to the girls of Maryvale and throughout the event it most certainly showed by seeing the joy on the girls' faces. I would like to personally thank Ashton Elledge, Johnny Flores, Lisa and Seth Bryant, Jennifer Sese and Joanne Kwan. Without all of you, our event would not have been the same. You all brought your own unique style to the program and many of the kids were able to learn new techniques because of it. Your passion for the art was palpable and some of the kids told me throughout the event how appreciative they were of each and every one of you. This unique program from Just For The Smiles and Off Shoot comics has never been done before and the core of this program is its artists. Again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart and I speak on behalf of Maryvale and its kids when I say that each of them will be very excited to see you again to continue their imaginative and creatives stories.