Our Programs

            The programs we offer incorporate the following: laughter, music, or creativity. Just For The Smiles’ ideal goal is to have each recipient step into a reality they are not accustomed to and to leave with a sense of happiness and joy. Our current programs are “Knock Knock” (comedy), “Music For The Soul” (music), and “Anyone Can Be A Hero” (creativity).            

Knock Knock

      With this program, we provide stand-up comedians the opportunity to perform for people in need of a good laugh. Whether it’s patients, the homeless, or our military veterans, our comedians will perform anywhere from 30 minutes to a full one hour show. For medical facilities, comedians would either perform for a group of patients in large room or go to individual patient rooms and tell funny stories and jokes to the patients. With the numerous medical studies showing laughter as a medical benefit and with this approach towards medical patients has the opportunity to increase their health, lift their spirits and increase their moral. The end result will be patients healing quicker, using less medical facilities resources, and being discharged sooner than originally intended in order to make room for more patients to through a round of the “Knock Knock” program.

Music For The Soul

      This unique program uses the power of music that is brought directly to medical patients. By partnering up with local musicians and music schools in Los Angeles, Just For The Smiles gives the patients (both adult and child) an opportunity to use music as way to sooth their recovery process. This approach is delivered in two ways, one of which is where a musician will come to each patient’s room or a room with a group of patients and play them their favorite music. The second way is when there are patients who know how to play certain instruments and they are given an opportunity to play that instrument with other patients who possess the skill of playing music that ultimately leads to an all-patient “jam session”.

Inspiration through imagination

      Children have the most unique imagination and we want to bring those imaginations to life and make it a story. Just for the Smiles wants to bring that creativity out of every child through the avenues of creative arts therapy. 

      Just For The Smiles brings numerous artists to the table and helps children put their imaginations to paper and create an adventure that they will take together. If a child is going through a challenging time in their life, both medically and personally, they are given the opportunity to be the heroes they were meant to be; an inspiration for others who are going through the same challenges in their lives and use art as their therapeutic escape from reality. Just For The Smiles has brought together numerous events to multiple foster cares in the Greater Los Angeles area and so far has had tremendous success. By putting children together in a room to create pieces of art and imagination, they can create an image that will give another child hope and inspiration in their recovery process. This is a process where kids are helping kids and Just For The Smiles is there to give them the push and guidance needed to begin their journey. 


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